About Me

I am Democrepublican.  I wish that there was a third party that more accurately reflects my views.

Pro-life vs Pro-choice

If someone asked me this years ago, I would’ve said definitely pro-choice.  But, after witnessing the birth of our first child, I am not sure if I (obviously not me, but my partner) can go through with the thought of having an abortion.  With that said, regardless of whether I personally believe abortion should be allowed or not, I don’t think government should decide that on behalf of woman, who I’d imagine is making a very difficult personal choice.

Estate Tax

As a whole, I believe the U.S. tax code is favored for the rich.  But I don’t think estate tax is fair, yes I said it – fair, to the rich.  The wealth the deceased built consists of money that has been taxed.  Now, we can get into an argument of whether the rich pays fair share of taxes today (in my opinion, no), but why should that person get double-taxed simply for dying?  Instead of having estate tax, we should just tax more today.

LGBT rights

I am not gay, but what right do we have to say that certain individuals don’t get certain rights and privileges that we all enjoy simply due to their sexual orientation?

Federal deficit

According to FY17 federal budget, staggering 64% (approximately $2.35 trillion) will be spent on Social Security, Unemployment, and Medicare.  It is pretty well advertised that Social Security trust fund will run out if no changes are made to the system.  That, along with Unemployment benefits and Medicare, will bankrupt this country (it really is a simple math) if we don’t take any action.  We absolutely need to make cuts to these programs.   I do believe that tax should go up for the rich, but no amount of tax increases can offset the spending we are doing today.

Second Amendment

I am all for law-abiding citizens having a firearm.  Unfortunately, every attempt to curtail the ease of obtaining a gun is immediately seen as “government taking gun rights away”.  If I were gun enthusiast and enjoy my right to have a weapon, I would be in favor of such efforts because I would view that as a proactive attempt to ensure my rights are not taken away by the actions of some idiots/criminals.  Why wouldn’t I support a measure to keep people who may damage the overall perception of gun ownership (say, a mass shooter) away from purchasing the weapon?


I believe unions were key to establishing labor rights we all enjoy today.  For example, who knows when 40-hour work week would’ve become the norm if we didn’t have unions?  What about child labor?

But, that is history now.  In today’s world, unions, with very few exceptions, have unfortunately become a collection of people with relatively untransferable skills that demand much higher wages/benefits than what they would get in open-market.  What’s even worse is that they often hold the public hostage, such as BART strike here in the bay area.

I possibly cannot be the only one who has this type of “mixed” views.  But today’s political system demands that politicians line up for the entire set of views/values and cannot venture to the other side.  After all, such “crossing” will potentially cost the seat s/he enjoys today.  What is politician’s number one goal?

To get re-elected, of course.  Unless, I guess, you already served two terms as the President.